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  • OEM pressure sensors and transmitters available for differential, gage, absolute and bidirectional-differential pressure.
    Pressure Sensors
  • Integrated circuits produced by Analog Microelectronics including V/I-converters, sensor amplifiers and C/V-converters.
    Integrated Circuits
  • Examples for custom specific pressure sensors, transmitters and transducers produced by Analog Microelectronics.
    Customized Products
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Pressure Sensors
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Customized Products

Pressure Sensors and ICs - Analog Microelectronics

We are your specialist for high tech solutions in the fields of pressure sensing and signal conditioning. Over the last twenty years we have become the partner of choice for many companies in the automotive, medical and industrial markets all over the world. We provide high reliable standard OEM pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and integrated circuits made in Germany. Based on our experience we also offer sensor solutions tailored to your special requirements. More...

We design, produce and provide:


From June 11, 2024 to June 13, 2024 you can meet us at the trade show Sensor+Test 2024 at stand 1-332. More...
For the pressure sensor series AMS 5915, the datasheet is now available in the new revision 4.1. With the revision, the burst pressure for the sensor AMS 5915-0200-D has been changed.
From the 13th to the 16th of November we are at Compamed 2023. Meet us at stand 8AM04.

Product Highlight - AMS 5935

Digital board mountable 18 bit pressure sensor AMS 5935.
AMS 5935 is a series of PCB mountable digital pressure sensors with I2C/SPI output. The high precision sensors are especially suitable for portable 1.7 up to 3.3 V microcontroller applications. More...

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