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Pressure Sensors

AMS 5105 - Amplified OEM Pressure Sensor and Switch
AMS 5105_Starter KitUser guide for AMS 5105's starter kit.
AMS 5812 - Pressure Sensor with Analog & I2C Output
AMS 5812_Starter KitUser guide for AMS 5812's starter kit.
AMS Arduino library referenceArduino Library for AMS 5812, AMS 5915 and AMS 6915
AMS 5915 - OEM Pressure Sensor with I2C Output
AMS 5915_Starter KitUser guide for AMS 5915's starter kit.

Integrated Circuits

AM467 - Ratiometric High Precision Amplifier IC
AM467_KaliExcel calibration sheet for AM467 in sensing applications.
CAV424 - C/V-Converter for Single / Differential Measurement
CAV424_CaliExcel calibration sheet for CAV424.
CAV424-BBUser guide for CAV424's breadboard.
CAV444 - C/V-Converter with Linear Voltage Output
CAV444_CaliExcel calibration sheet tool for CAV444.
CAV444-BBUser guide for CAV444's breadboard