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Current News

August 2021
  • We are looking for engineers in the field of electrical engineering / sensor technology and production workers for our sensor production. You can find more information under Open positions.

March 2021
  • You can meet us at the virtual Sensor+Test from the 4.5.2021 to the 6.5.2021. Get your free admission voucher here.
  • To simplify the integration of our pressure sensor series AMS 6915 and AMS 6916 into our customers' products, you can now find step files for both board-mount pressure sensors on our website.

February 2021
  • We will be presenting our products at Hannover Messe from the 12.04.2021 to the 16.04.2021.

January 2021
December 2020
September 2020
  • We will present our products at the virtual Electronica from the 9th to the 12th of November 2020 and the virtual Compamed from the 16th to the 19th of November 2020.

July 2020
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have decided to cancel our participation at Compamed 2020 and Electronica 2020.
  • To make it easier for our customers to integrate our board mount pressure sensors into their products, we now provide 3D CAD models in step format for the sensor families AMS 5915, AMS 5812, AMS 5612 and AMS 5105.

April 2020
  • The datasheet for the miniaturized pressure transmitter series AMS 4710 with 0 to 10 V output is now available.

March 2020:
  • Analog Microelectronics can be contacted normally despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We have taken necessary safety precautions and are working with full commitment to supply our customers with pressure sensors and ICs. For futher information please click here: Press Release
  • The board-mount pressure sensor AMS 5812 is now also available for differential pressure measurements in a pressure range from 0 to 0.4 psi. Find more information on AMS 5812's product page.
  • Our pressure sensors from the AMS 5812 series are an almost ideal replacement for products from the SM5852 and SM5812 series from SMI. With identical package dimensions and pinout the AMS 5812 series offers a 0.5 ... 4.5 V analog output and an I2C digital output with 14 bit resolution. For more information see the cross reference or AMS 5812's product page.

February 2020:
  • In November you will be able to meet us at two trade fairs. We will be presenting our products at Electronica 2020 in Munich from the 10.10.2020 to the 13.10.2020 and at the Compamed 2020 in Dusseldorf from the 16.10.2020 to the 19.10.2020.

January 2020:
  • From the 23rd to the 25th of june 2020 we present our products at the Sensor+Test 2020 in Nuremberg. Meet us at booth 3C-208.

July 2019:
  • From the 18th to the 21st of November we are at Compamed 2019 together with HJK. Meet us in hall 8A booth M04 and learn more about our product's various applications in medical instrumentation.

June 2019:
  • We contributed to the 20th GMA/ITG-Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme 2019. You can find our publication here: Inexpensive wet/wet differential pressure measurement (german)
  • The AMS 5915 Arduino Nano Kit is now available. It offers a simple solution to connect a board-mount pressure sensor from the AMS 5915 series to an Arduino Nano development board and read data from the sensor’s I2C interface.
  • The application note AMS 5915 AN02 describes how to interface an AMS 5915 board mount pressure sensor with the Arduino Nano development board to read data from the sensor’s I2C interface.

May 2019:
  • You can now follow us on Twitter (@AnalogMicro).
  • Analog Microelectronics expands its board-mount pressure sensor series AMS 5915 by variants for pneumatic applications. It is available for differential and relative pressure measurements with an over pressure of 30 bar in the pressure ranges 0 - 4 bar, 0 - 7 bar, 0 - 10 bar, 0 - 12 bar and 0 - 16 bar. Learn more on AMS 5915's product page or in the press release AMS 5915-PR05.

April 2019:
February 2019:
  • From the 25th to the 27th of june 2019 we present our products at the Sensor+Test 2019 in Nuremberg. Get your free admission voucher here and meet us at booth 1-215.