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IC Datasheets

Integrated Circuits

AM400 - Universal Amplifier and V/I-Converter IC
AM401 - Industrial Voltage Amplifier IC
AM402 - V/I-Converter IC for Differential Input
AM411 - Low-Cost Voltage Transmitter IC
AM417 - Ratiometric Instrumentation Amplifier IC
AM422-1 - Compact V/I-Converter IC for 3-Wire Operation
AM422-2 - Compact V/I-Converter IC for Current-Loop Applications
AM452 - V/I-Converter IC for Wheatstone-Bridge Inputs
AM460 - Industrial Amplifier and V/I-Converter IC
AM461 - Amplifier and Protection IC
AM462 - Industrial V/I-Converter IC
AM467 - Ratiometric High Precision Amplifier IC
CAV424 - C/V-Converter for Single / Differential Measurement
CAV444 - C/V-Converter with Linear Voltage Output