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Arduino Nano Kit for AMS 5915 Pressure Sensors

The AMS 5915 Arduino Nano Kit is a simple solution to connect a board-mount pressure sensor from the AMS 5915 series to an Arduino Nano development board and read data from the sensor’s I2C interface.

A picture showing the assembled AMS 5915 Arduino Nano Kit along with an Arduino Nano and an AMS 5915

AMS 5915 is a series of digital board-mount pressure sensors available for all pressure types in various pressure ranges from 5 mbar up to 16 bar. With a supply voltage of 3.3 V and an I2C output providing pressure and temperature data, it is ideal for microcontroller applications.

A popular microcontroller development platform is the Arduino family which is commonly based on an Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontroller. A very small development board in the Arduino's product range is the Arduino Nano based on the ATmega328 featuring several GPIO-pins (general purpose in- and outputs) including an I2C-interface and a Mini USB Type B port on a compact PCB.

The AMS 5915 Arduino Nano kit, available at with ordering code "AMS 5915 Arduino Nano kit", simplifies using an AMS 5915 pressure sensor in combination with an Arduino Nano. It comprises hardware to connect the AMS 5915 to the Arduino Nano and a free software code package for Arduino's integrated development environment (IDE), which can be used to program the Arduino Nano to read data from AMS 5915 via I2C.

The hardware consists of two PCBs - the AMS Arduino Nano Shield and the AMS 5915 Mini PCB - and a ribbon cable. By simply plugging the Arduino Nano on the shield and the AMS 5915 sensor on the Mini PCB and connecting the two PCBs using the ribbon cable all necessary connections are established without any soldering. By connecting the assembled kit to a computer using a micro USB-B cable the system is powered and ready for programming.

The free, open-source AMS software package simplifies programming Arduino Nano to read data from AMS 5915. It includes a library and an example code for Arduino's IDE. If the example code is used, pressure and temperature measurement data from the AMS 5915 sensor can be read and transmitted via Arduino's virtual COM-port with hardly any programming effort. It is only necessary to adjust the pressure range in the initialization sequence to the sensor's pressure range and the sensor's I2C address (AMS 5915's standard I2C address is 0x28Hex). The installation procedure, usage of the library and the example code are described in detail in the document "Arduino library for AMS 5915, AMS 5915, AMS 6915".

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