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Capacitance Measurement - Overview

Analog Microelectronics offers analog ICs with voltage output for capacitance measurements. The capacitance-to-voltage converter product family comprises ICs for differential capacitance measure-ments and single capacitance measurements. The C/V-converters feature an adjustable ratiometric voltage output (e.g. 1 ... 4 V), an integrated temperature sensor and a voltage reference. They can be used in a voltage range from 4.75 to 5.25 V (typically 5 V) and a temperature range from -40 to 105 °C.

For example the C/V-converters are used for humidity measurement, distance measurement, object identification or for the evaluation of capacitive sensors.

The ICs are RoHS and Reach compliant and available in a compact SO16(n) packaged, on a DIL16-adapter or as sawn wafer on blue foil.