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AMS 5935 - New application fields due to pressure ranges up to 2 bar

Henrik Schöpe, April 2023

The board-mount pressure sensor AMS 5935-1000-D and its different package variantsAnalog Microelectronics GmbH, Mainz, is adding further models with pressure ranges up to 2 bar to its high-precision AMS 5935 pressure sensor series. Until now, the AMS 5935 series of board-mount sensors was only available for differential pressure measurements in the ultra-low and low pressure ranges up to 100 mbar. Now several new pressure ranges are added, with which overpressure and vacuum measurements up to 1 bar as well as absolute pressure measurements up to 2 bar are possible. This expands the application possibilities of the AMS 5935 considerably.

In medical technology, the AMS 5935 can now be used for insufflators, IPC systems, hyperbaric oxygen therapy or blood pressure measurements. Further applications can be found in monitoring the holding vacuum in transport systems, precise height measurement, monitoring gas pressure and flow as well as level measurements. The extremely low power consumption of the AMS 5935 also allows it to be used in mobile, battery-operated devices with wireless data transmission technology.

The new AMS 5935 are especially distinguished by their high measurement accuracy at room temperature (0.1 %FSO for 1 bar pressure sensors) and the low total error (TEB = 0.25 %FSO) in the temperature range from -25 to 85 °C. In addition, they offer a resolution of 18 bits, an I2C / SPI output and a ceramic DIL package for PCB mounting.

To simplify the first experiments with the AMS 5935, an evaluation kit for Windows and an Arduino board are available.

Further information: AMS 5935's product page