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Analog Microelectronics presents its digital board-mount pressure sensor series AMS 6915

The mini pressure sensor AMS 6915The increasing automation due to Industry 4.0 and smart factory requires miniaturized sensors, which can be integrated into intelligent applications. To meet these needs Analog Microelectronics has developed the board mountable pressure sensors AMS 6915 with I2C-interface. These sensors with 14-bit digital resolution are well suited for applications, where the measurement data are directly processed by a microcontroller.

The pressure sensors from the AMS 6915 series are calibrated and temperature compensated. They have an operating temperature range from -25 to 85 °C and feature a small total error band (TEB) within the temperature range of 0 ... 60 °C and a good long term stability. They are available for all pressure types: differential and relative pressure sensors in pressure ranges from 5 mbar up to 1 bar, bidirectional differential pressure sensors, which are able to measure positive and negative pressure, in ranges from -2.5 ... 2.5 mbar up to -1 ... 1 bar and absolute pressure sensors for 0 ... 1 bar as well as a barometric variant. The AMS 6915 are housed in a compact DIL-package with horizontal or vertical pressure ports and have a supply voltage of 3.3 V or 5 V. On request custom specific pressure ranges and pressure connections can be realized.

With the compact and robust DIL-package, the digital I2C-interface and the various variants the sensors from the AMS 6915 series are very versatile. Among other applications they are especially suitable for industrial process control, medical instrumentation and HVAC applications. Furthermore AMS 6915 is able to substitute Honeywell’s HSC series.

For a quick and easy first evaluation Analog Microelectronics offers an USB starter kit for AMS 6915. The starter kit also allows the programming of an individual I2C address, which is necessary to operate several AMS 6915 on the same I2C-bus.

For further information see: AMS 6915's product page