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New Mini Board-Mount Pressure Sensors from the AMS 6915 Series for Pneumatic Applications

Anja Scharth, June 2024

The AMS 6915 with metal pressure ports for pneumatic applicationsCompact pneumatic applications require space-saving pressure sensors. Analog Microelectronics GmbH, Mainz, Germany, has expanded its AMS 6915 pressure sensor series with I2C output by a new package variant with metal pressure port. The new sensors are available for relative pressure measurements in several pressure ranges from 0 ... 1 bar up to 0 ... 16 bar. Other pressure ranges are available on request. Due to the special design, these sensors have an increased media compatibility and can be used with gases and non-corrosive liquids.

All new sensors in the AMS 6915 series come in a board mountable DIL-8 package. They are digitally calibrated, linearized and temperature compensated over a temperature range of 0 ... 60 °C, resulting in a low total error band of TEB < 0.5 %FSO over the entire compensated temperature range. The pressure data of the AMS 6915 have a resolution of 14 bit and can be read out via the integrated I2C interface. In addition, the sensors provide temperature data with 11-bit resolution. The AMS 6915 sensors are available for 3.3 V or 5 V supply.

For quick and easy evaluation, Analog Microelectronics offers a USB starter kit for the AMS 6915. The starter kit also allows the programming of an individual I2C address, which is necessary to operate several AMS 6915 on the same I2C bus.

Further information: AMS 6915's product page