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Custom Specific Pressure Sensors from Analog Microelectronics

Individual project requirements need special solutions, which cannot always be realized with standard products. Does your project have special requirements for pressure sensors like unique installation requirements, special mechanical, electrical or chemical requirements or only extraordinary pressure ranges as well as individual output signals? Often it is less expensive to use a customized pressure sensor for this purpose, instead of adapting the project to the available standard pressure sensors. Furthermore a custom specific sensor, produced only for you, makes your product unique and hard to copy.

Based on more than twenty years of experience in the fields of pressure sensor and system development Analog Microelectronics offers sensor solutions tailored to your specific requirements and fulfilling your project’s needs to 100 %. Our services reach from custom specific calibrations and simple modifications of our standard pressure sensors up to complete custom specific sensor system design and manufacturing. Even for small quantities a custom specific solution can be feasible. Just tell us, what you need.

With our knowledge and experience we will gladly support you at the realization of your ideas and new unconventional approaches and realize your unique sensor solution. Just tell us, what you need.

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