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Analog Microelectronics introduces its new mini pressure sensor series AMS 6916 with analog output

The mini pressure sensor AMS 6916Due to the steadily increasing miniaturization in electric applications pressure sensors have to be more and more compact. For applications, where analog outputs are needed, Analog Microelectronics has developed the board level pressure sensor series AMS 6916 with ratiometric 0.5 ... 4.5 V voltage output.

The pressure sensors from the AMS 6916 series are available in various pressure ranges for differential pressure, relative pressure and absolute pressure: Differential and relative pressure sensors are offered in pressure ranges from 5 mbar up to 1 bar, bidirectional differential pressure sensors, which are able to measure positive and negative pressure, for -5 ... 5 mbar up to -1 ... 1 bar and absolute pressure sensors for 0 ... 1 bar as well as a barometric variant for 700 ... 1200 mbar.

The sensors from the AMS 6916 series combine a high quality piezoresistive pressure sensing element with modern digital signal conditioning in a compact DIL-package with horizontal or vertical pressure ports. They have a supply voltage of 5 V and a low current consumption of 3 mA. The AMS 6916 are calibrated and temperature compensated in their complete operating temperature range of -25 ... 85 °C and feature a small total error band (TEB) in the temperature range of 0 ... 60 °C as well as an excellent long term stability.

Due to their compact and robust package and the multiple variants of AMS 6916 the sensors can be used in various applications in confined spaces. They are suitable for the measurement of static and dynamic pressure in non-corrosive gases and in relative pressure measurements even in liquids. Possible applications are the industrial process control, medical instrumentation and HVAC applications.

Custom specific modifications of the AMS 6916 series are possible on request.

For further information see: AMS 6916's product page